What is cash register software?

New software has been developed and marketed in different types for all jobs. Sophisticated software for chain stores to simpler software for small and local businesses and even software for accounting a small supermarket. This means that small business owners such as supermarkets, confectioneries, small textile retailers and many other small businesses today can easily entrust their accounting and financial documents to this software.

This software can record all financial and accounting information and are often designed in such a way that with the least amount of error, all financial documents can be stored in them and reported and used when necessary.

In general, an integrated store system is a combination of software and hardware used to process financial transactions. In the past, these systems were simple and could only process some store tasks, but over time, the capabilities of this software have grown so widely that they are now able to manage warehouses, providing a variety of reports from sales reports and turnover.

Production of mobile cash register software, with their 24 * 7 support, is done through our business partner, Sam Sirvan Company. This powerful collection is a combination of experienced managers with professional experts, whose activities are based on the use of technology and up-to-date knowledge in the field of production and support of cash register software.

Bank ATM support and repair services are also provided through our business partner, International Fanavaran Eghtesad Siraf Technologists Company(FES), which has more than 40 service points throughout the country located in provinces and cities.

Siraf International Technologists Company is a General Contractor in the fields of finance, banking, payment and information technology. By employing

its experienced personnel who have brilliant records in the fields of economics, banking, information technology, and payment, this company has a

suitable capability to perform consulting and implementation in the mentioned fields.

The company can also meet the support needs of banks and payment companies across the country, due to its facilities such as provincial offices and trained technical staff in supporting payment devices, such as various types of POS and ATM.

Our distinctive software services:

  • Modify the software and review them as requested by the applicant as soon as possible (maximum two weeks)
  • Connect the terminals to the switches requested by the applicant as soon as possible (maximum two weeks)
  • Provide software source without any restrictions to the applicant
  • Provide training in preparing card reader software with the required tools
  • Establishment of TMS and its launch and practical training to the applicant experts
  • Training on maintenance of production card readers, along with providing the required parts and tools to the applicant
  • Providing marketing services, installation, periodic and occasional visits, maintenance, with competitive prices to card reader applicants, in a decentralized manner in provincial centers

Pishro Fanavaran Siraf Company, with domestic investment in Iran and application of technical knowledge, young forces, has been able to establish a factory in Parand Industrial City in Markazi Province on a land area of ​​10,000 square meters, 70,000 ATMs. , To produce all kinds of card readers and all kinds of store cash registers with international brands.

Head Office: No. 9, 14th East Alley, Beyhaghi Blvd., Argentina Square, Tehran

Phone Number : 02141032000

Factory: Saveh Road, Zarandieh County, Parandak Town, Mehdi Parandak Industrial Town, Sanat Blvd., No. 17

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