XTMS 3.0

Nexgo terminals have a TMS management system. Therefore, in order to advance the goals of companies which are operating Nexgo terminals;

  • To reduce the costs of card reader software changes.
  • Increase the speed and accuracy in updating the software versions of terminals,

launching TMS for each buyer is one of the mandatory services of the company.

Pishro Fanavaran Siraf Company, with domestic investment in Iran and application of technical knowledge, young forces, has been able to establish a factory in Parand Industrial City in Markazi Province on a land area of ​​10,000 square meters, 70,000 ATMs. , To produce all kinds of card readers and all kinds of store cash registers with international brands.

Head Office: U. 8, 4th FLR., No. 10, Tehran

Phone Number : 02141032000

Factory: Saveh Road, Zarandieh County, Parandak Town, Mehdi Parandak Industrial Town, Sanat Blvd., No. 17

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