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Company establishme

Pishro Fanavaran Siraf Company has started its activity in 2017 with the aim of operating in the field of banking and payment solutions as well as micro payment.

Construction of a production plant

Launching a factory with an area of ​​10,000 square meters located in Parandak Industrial Town

Exclusive Agent of Nexgo

This company was able to achieve the exclusive representation of this company in Iran and the Middle East in 1397 through negotiations.

Production line setup

Then the production line and ancillary space and the required tools and machinery under the supervision of Nexgo managers and experts purchased and installed.

Start assembly and construction

Then, by preparing the card reader parts in CKD form and training the technicians and experts of the company, by the experts of Nexgo company, different stages of training assembly and finally construction according to the determined annual plan and goal began.

Production of POS

Currently, nearly 10,000 card readers of N5, QRPos36, G101, G3, G2 models have been produced by Siraf experts.

Other products of the company

The managers and experts of Siraf Company are always trying to increase the domestic production capacity of various equipment in accordance with international standards.

In this regard, with the production of some accessories and modules of card readers, measures have been taken to increase the assembly coefficient and some of them to be produced in-house, including:

  • Design and production of various types of lithium battery boards with different capacities
  • Design and production of lithium (cellular) batteries for card readers
  • Design and manufacture of power supply unit, which had been required for card readers
  • In the future, due to the fact that the body mold will be ordered after the design, so the body of the POS will also be in production.