Batteries easily provide power for our small, portable applications. But there is a problem that most batteries drain very quickly and if we do not use a special charger, we have to throw them away. This is economically challenging and harmful to the environment; Around the world, we throw away billions of disposable batteries every year.

Rechargeable batteries help to solve this problem and the most famous type is “Lithium ion” battery, also known as lithium battery. Mobile phones, laptops and MP3 players are probably the most popular devices that use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have been widely used since 1991. Lithium batteries are used in a variety of portable technologies, from electric toothbrushes and tablets to electric cars and trucks.

In general, lithium-ion batteries are safer than older technologies such as nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and do not suffer from a problem called “memory effect” (due to the effect of memory, charging nickel-camium batteries becomes difficult, unless When completely emptied), Because lithium-ion batteries do not contain cadmium (a toxic, heavy metal), they are, at least in theory, more environmentally friendly.

Pishro Fanavaran Siraf Company, with domestic investment in Iran and application of technical knowledge, young forces, has been able to establish a factory in Parand Industrial City in Markazi Province on a land area of ​​10,000 square meters, 70,000 ATMs. , To produce all kinds of card readers and all kinds of store cash registers with international brands.

Head Office: No. 9, 14th East Alley, Beyhaghi Blvd., Argentina Square, Tehran

Phone Number : 02141032000

Factory: Saveh Road, Zarandieh County, Parandak Town, Mehdi Parandak Industrial Town, Sanat Blvd., No. 17

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