Banking kiosk

A device that has been created in order to develop electronic money and make people independent of cash. Apart from paying, this device provides all banking services that are provided through the ATM. Some of the new services are also included, as below;

The use of this device has become more widespread these days than before, and from the available services, we can pay for the project at refueling stations from Mellat Bank, sell the daily traffic plan of Eghtesad Novin Bank and pay municipal tolls in Shahr Bank, cinema ticket sales services in Ayandeh Bank and the possibility of paying facility installments and the possibility of transferring funds up to 150 million IRI Rials in the Maskan Bank, the possibility of selling stamps and tracking items at the Post Bank and the Post Office.

Comparative advantages:

1- High Haste ​​in providing services and increasing banking transactions in terms of support;

2- Appropriate speed in providing customer service and saving citizens’ time;

3- Support for 2D barcodes, Mayfair and magnet cards;

4- Easy installation and movement;

5- Providing banking services 24 hours a day;

6- The possibility of simple installation in various government, school and educational centers, shops and entertainment by maintaining the security points of the bank and in fact creating the ability to customize services for various businesses;

7- No need for cable networks in order to connect to the banking network;

8- Availability and no need to refer to bank branches;

9- Simplicity, security and user-friendliness of the system;

10- Avoiding cash transfer problems

Pishro Fanavaran Siraf Company, with domestic investment in Iran and application of technical knowledge, young forces, has been able to establish a factory in Parand Industrial City in Markazi Province on a land area of ​​10,000 square meters, 70,000 ATMs. , To produce all kinds of card readers and all kinds of store cash registers with international brands.

Head Office: No. 9, 14th East Alley, Beyhaghi Blvd., Argentina Square, Tehran

Phone Number : 02141032000

Factory: Saveh Road, Zarandieh County, Parandak Town, Mehdi Parandak Industrial Town, Sanat Blvd., No. 17

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